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“Does the divine God possess hand and legs similar to a human being ?”VALLALAR.
If anybody enquires,

“Does the divine God
possess hand and legs similar to a human being ?”.

They hesitate and get be wildered without knowing to reply. The later followers, calling or naming themselves as great men, had puff led and bluffed nonsense things by closing their eyes of Truth vision.

But the ancient one who had covered and hidden the Para Truth was a great Adept or genius and powerful person.
Till now, nobody had discovered and found out what he had veiled and hidden, what he had looked or covered, no one had struck and broken the lock that he had sealed.

In the false religions,

some occult power (KARMA), Siddhi had been imaginatively promised.
If we try perseveringly for ten or eight years for every SIDDHI, it is possible to attain little siddhi.

If we put our Goal or Aim for these siddhis, the goal towards the Almighty God, will get deviated away.
If the aim of God realisation goes, at last the great profit or benefit will go in vain. Or, otherwise, if anyone tries for a long time, and attains a little siddhi, the great gain or soul benefit will go away.

So, let no one put the aim to attain the little siddhi but should aim at the Almighty God only.

The evidence for the imaginatory description of above said siddhis: the prose writing ‘PERU VINNAPPAM’ (of Vallalar) and THIRU ARUTPAA – ARUL VILAKKA MAALAI poem which begins as “IYAL VEDHA AAHANAMGAL” and also one should realize the important notes and ideas in them.

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Badhey Venkatesh
good reproduction and translation of Arutpa prose -
its high time that both Aruls husband and wife went through the works of B Kamalakkannan and then think of putting such postings now and in future as well
Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 08:54 am by Badhey Venkatesh