Srilanka Gnana Sabai Temple
Sri Lanka Sathiya Gnana Kottam-Shri Ketheeswaran arrived Tamil Nadu.

Sathiya Gnana Kottam, Savakacheri (Jaffna), Sri Lanka.

Thiru Ketheeswaran, Alavetti, North Province of Sri Lanka, was very much attracted by the Suddha Sanmarga principles of Thiru Arutprakasa Vallalar. His wife Tmt. Vijayalakshmi who was born at Savakacheri, Sri Lanka also was interested on the principles of Suddha Sanmargam. Their son Dhayanandhan is studying at Sri Lanka.

Both Thiru Ketheeswaran & his wife are working at Switzerland.

Just like the Temple of Wisdom (Sathiya Gnana Sabai) Vadalur, they prepared the plan and estimates to construct such building at Sri Lanka. With the earnest and sincere efforts taken by them, they constructed Sathiya Gnana kottam at Savakacheri, (near Jaffna), Sri Lanka.

Initially, they proposed to conduct the inauguration of the above Sathiya Gnana Kottam during August, 2006.

The Mirror for placing at that Sathiya Gnana Kottam, Savakacheri was purchased at Chennai. Thiru Arutpa (singing the complete 6 Thiru Murais) mutrothal was done at Ramnad Sanmarga Sanga Building, Dharmasalai Road, Vadalur for about 48 days. (One Mandalam)

The function was started with the speech of Thiru Jothimurugan, founder of Vallalar Universal Mission Trust. Senior Sanmarga Members visited it at Vadalur during those days and they also participated the Thiru Arutpa complete reading.

But the situation prevailed at Sri Lanka at that time was not so good enough to conduct the inaugural function during August, 2006. Hence all the materials and the mirror to be placed in front of the (Grace Light) Jothi were placed at Ramnad Sanmarga Building Dharmasalai Road, Vadalur.

Thiru Ketheeswaran & his wife came to Tamil Nadu one week ago and visited Vallalar Universal Mission Trust, Ramanathapuram, on 29.1.2009 along with Thiru Shanmugam, Sanmarga Anbar of Thiruvanaikoil , Trichy District.

That day was the second anniversary of Jothimurugan, founder of Vallalar Universal Mission Trust at Ramanathapuram.

Thiru Ketheeswaran & his wife have come to attend Jothi Dharshan (Grace Light) at the Thai Poosam Festival Day on 8.2.2009 at Vadalur.

As soon as normal position is arrived at Sri Lanka, Thiru Ketheeswaran proposes to conduct the inaugural function of the Sathiya Gnana Kottam at Savakacheri, Sri Lanka. He wanted most of the Senior Sanmarga Anbargal from Tamil Nadu and all other countries to visit the Sathiya Gnana Kottam, Savakacheri, Sri Lanka at the time of its inauguration.

All the viewers seeing this message are requested to pray to Almighty Arutperunjothi Andavar to create the peaceful situation at Sri Lanka early so that the inaugural function of the Sathiya Gnana Kottam may take place, soon.