Salem Suddha Sanmarga Sangam
Vasi yoga

Vasi yogam, is the advanced type of pranayama. It is not breathing through the nostrills. It is a form of inner breathing. By this method your breath is at the initial stages hitting the pineal gland and activating it. At present the pineal gland is secreating seratonin, it has got 2 functions, it will make you go to sleep, it will give you the sense of place and time.

Both these senses are essential for worldly activities. But the same advantages become disadvantages in the inner practice of yoga and meditation. The conquest of sleep and the limitations of time and space is called spirituality. So when you are practising vasi yoga, slowly the secretion of the seratonin will dwindle and melatonin will start secreting then you will easily enter into the inner domain of meditation. The yoga literature...please click here...->