Maha Mandhirapeedam

The way of attain the Supersense(Maignanam)

Inception of worship in the Eolithic Age.

Oh, Lord, we born, lived up, have grown with your blessings and grace. In this limited life, how long we live? The noble human beings have the attitude of praying the Godhead, doing good activities to others ever and obtaining the good status after the death. More than like this, someone who has his intent that all the human beings must obtain the uppermost life without Quietus and all the living beings with happy and be the one who is the example of obtained them, is our Karunaimigu Thiruvarut Prakasa Vallalar alias Chidambaram Ramalingam Iyya , he get this with solicitation and exertion, the indestructible Soul Status, which is in the form of pure WISDOM, means of Great Intellectual Space of Divine Grace of all other statuses from the Godhead. This clearly shows as clear as crystal, is the highest Status of Soul than any other.

No words in this world to write how long and how far our great Saints(Rishis), Prophets(Sadhus), Hermits (Yohis), Sages and all others experienced much more struggle to obtain the potential and divine sole. We researching with reference to their experiences, those are all collected from the past centuries together , they obtained their spiritual experience to get of all those difficulties that went up to step by step of the birth. Research means, to choose a topic, examining that critically part by part, according to our ability and capability we how to deeply thorough to best our knowledge has experienced and gathered the points from the divine ancestor. From them, this is the foremost step to reveal the truth.

But many of the eminent scholars, using Research as a tool to express their efficiency, they are not think about how far their works may reach the People and it is not having any more great changes in the society. Our Karunaimigu Ramalingam Iyya is entirely differ from other to express his concept, he felt it is the duty to express the truth in simplest way without any difficult grammatical knots, it paved the way to easily understand the concept even if a laymen just hear the concept and turned them to inculcate the concept actively in their mind. Following his footsteps, we also trying out the concept in simple, easily understand that and gain the information of the truth according to their experience.

In the Initial stages of the society, a man, who is considered to be the winner and the supreme, he attacked with the
help of stone with the opponent who is attacked him with his bare hand. This attitude had created the spirituality in this period. God creates the man but the man worship the man who has the power to do the actions and adventures, that cannot be do by him, beyond his knowledge and perception. It tends to create the God according to his consideration. In this stage, the fight ended with the death of the defeated one unless it cannot end, to avoid the death, the defeated one,might surrender himself to the winner and worship him, also he taught to his society, the winner is the God. He create that, he never defeated by an ordinary man and only defeated by the God, also sow the seeds of imagination and fear about him permanently in to the minds of the society. The winner also sowing the seeds in the minds of the society, that he is the supreme power and prepared them to worship him.

At the same time, the God also create various levels for the living beings and the souls, they are helped to his play, create the fundamental ideas and grammar for them. He controlled all the galaxies beyond the cause, reason, place, and time etc. Many emerged as the divine people, controlled, presence of them in the minds of the society, at the end they explicit themselves as the God. It strengthens the competition and jealousy between them, fought them and constructs a new way to the invention of the new weapons (sinews of war) that decides the fate of them, who become the powerful and adjudged as the God.

The same conflict and struggle was recorded in the history and the same was called great Epics and mentioned them as Holy war between good and evil. Godliness was ascertained by those who exert and usage of the newly invented, latest weapons among them. In the olden days, the unwritten law of godliness was considered those who got more victories in the war field.

The some extent beyond certain level the men could not use his intellectual power to utilize the newly invented weapons in the warfare. So he began to think and seek some other ways and means to achieve, to obtain this, finally came to a conclusion that without any newly invented weapons and war techniques, man can achieve and subdue all the beings by way of the regulate his heart through deep concentration and meditation.

By this way, he practice and concentrated his conscience and traveled distances easily with the help of wild animals and controlled them with their meditation. One who considered as the Highest, by means of his control and domestication over the gigantic and hazardous animals, attract and control over the fellow beings, that also takes place.

In those days, every person spent their time in hard working for their live. It tends very difficult for those people who were in research as well as in hard working for live simultaneously, and helped them by the holy people to do the research without any physical hard working. They live with all amenities and essential services offered by the holy men. To gain something from them, utilized the result of research by the holy men to polish their divinity and undertake the leadership.

It paved the way to form the relationship of the master (Guru) and the Student(Shishya).

Above all, the result of research and methodology was secretly kept in the same was followed later. All the students were instructed that all the exercises must keep in secretly and the sons of the student also obtain those exercisesfrom their same Masters not from father even though they were masters. The master has the privilege and rights that the message was given to the students according to the capacity and ability of the students. This is why because in that period there were certain students who do not know posses the capacity to identify the valid of divinity they did not understand the power of such messages used them without any differences whether he is his brother, or Guru instead they are used against their opponent and obtained his possession. The parents began to think over the tradition and giving much more honour and faith, they never indulged thereafter.

The Man, who gives honour to his Mother, Father, Master and relatives, he had promoted to the holy or divine status and in the other hand if he practiced his intellectual power attained from his education as the highest one, he had promoted to the evil man and vehemently criticized.Even the highly literate and intellectual personality could not reveal any to their young ones at time of his last breathing. The Whole concept imported through the Guru to their Students.

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